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Friends of the KCBC & KCGC Membership

The Kansas City Boys Choir (KCBC) was founded in November 1995, and incorporated as a not-for-profit Missouri organization in 1996. This organization was built on the inspiration and vision of our Founder, CEO, and Artistic Director, Mr. Ah’Lee Robinson, Kansas City’s own national recording gospel artist. The Kansas City Girl’s Choir (KCGC) was founded in 2006.

KCBC & KCGC consists of approximately 40 young men and women from diverse musical backgrounds with age ranging 9 to 19 years old. KCBC and KCGC provides a forum for developing and enhancing the mind to bridge communication gaps through music in the classical boys’ and girl’s choir tradition. Our participants complete concerts, which includes dramatizations, as well as traditional-sacred-contemporary music. Our staff members are volunteers who provide educational, tutorial, social, community, and positive citizenship programs to support our young men and women. Through music and supportive programs, we are able to teach our young men and women to become successful and productive members of the community. The Friends of KCBC and KCGC offers you a wonderful way to enrich your appreciation for the arts, and to financially support the young men and women of the KCBC and KCGC.

To Join Friends of Kansas City Boys Choir,
Download this form and mail it to:

Kansas City Boys Choir
1 W Armour Blvd Suite 16, Kansas City, MO 64111

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