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About Us

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Touted as one of the oldest African American youth choral groups in the region, The Kansas City Boys Choir (KCBC) was formed in 1995 by visionary and legendary music artist, Ah'Lee Robinson.  His desire to teach musical education and artistic principles steeped in a tradition of excellence to area youth was the driving force to beginning the entity.  The choir began infusing classical choral music with traditional spirituals, Broadway show tunes, contemporary gospel music, hymns, folk songs, and other traditional forms that delighted all music lovers.


After seeing the success of the Kansas City Boys Choir, Ah’Lee developed the Kansas City Girls' Choir (KCGC) in 2006 to further expose urban youth to the diaspora of opportunities throughout the country.  KCGC would be a haven for young women to develop and hone skills that reached far beyond music. Known for impeccable presentation and professionalism, both KCBC and KCGC have been honored to perform as far-reaching as Washington D.C., to the stage with greats such as Leslie Odom Jr. at the hallowed stages of the Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts.  Upon retiring in June of 2021,  Mr. Robinson appointed a new Executive Director to continue his work. 


Mia Ramsey, a 40-year veteran musician, singer, and youth empowerment organizer, became the first woman to hold the leadership role for the organization.  She has continued to build on the legacy and foundation set by Mr. Robinson by introducing new programs and opportunities to the choirs. 


In addition to the principal baseline of artistic expression, presentation, and communication, the choirs continue to evolve in basic areas of personal care, self-esteem, etiquette, and other areas of focus. 


The organization’s Music and Art Therapy program is a welcome addition to the many offerings of youth engagement.  Choristers are immersed and encouraged to participate in individual or group activities, led by licensed clinicians and facilitators.  Artistic consultants also lead projects that both teach and allow each participant to creatively identify specific practices that help manage daily internal and external struggles.  Choristers have access to music instruments for instruction or expression, creative songwriting (journaling to music), and other art forms that engage their intellect.

As we continue to water the seeds planted in 1995, our mission is to stay community-minded, culturally aware, and to make positive changes to echo throughout the world we live in.

Meet Our Staff


Byron Hyde

Music Education/Director


Inetta Childress

Choir Assistant


Jessie Ward

Choir Assistant

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Pinkie Mason

Special Events Coordinator


Taylor Ramsey

Administrative Assistant


Fred Harvey

Choir Manager/Logistics

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Niquita Spearman

Marketing Director

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